Premium vodka Gallery
Modern art series
from the very first sight
A beverage for aesthetic enjoyment
Your life will be changed for ever, filled with new meanings and rich experiences
Meeting that will raise you to a new level
The sophisticated production process is comparable to the skill of creating an artistic masterpiece, which in its turn requires huge investments of time and human and financial resources
The ability to understand the hidden codes of a true genius


Art is genuinely limitless. The force that creates it give birth to the grandest buildings, touching melodies and splendid portraits. Creating art is the expression of the artist's soul, their outlook on the world, their view of things, values and passions, each creator expresses these in their own unique manner. And we can look at the world through their eyes. It is totally unimportant whether they lived a century ago or are alive now. The language of art is universal and will always be of our times.
The sensual pleasure of taste

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